How to survive Trump

“Trump disavows accord with Iran on nuclear arms.”   “Trump wants to cut health insurance for poor people.”   “Trump warns Puerto Rico: Help won’t last.”   “Did Tillerson say, the president is a moron? He doesn’t refuse.”    “President is visiting an anti-gay meeting.”

Einige Schlagzeilen der letzten Tage. Trump macht hier alle Leute wahnsinnig; verschärft alle Spannungen und Konflikte, die sowieso schon da sind. Die Leute sind sauer, ärgerlich, wütend, verzweifelt, – befürchten das Schlimmste. Jede Show im TV – Rachel Maddow, David Letterman sind im Moment die populärsten – sie nehmen Trump Abend für Abend auseinander.

Für den 4. November wird aufgerufen nation-wide zu demonstrieren: “Trump / Pence regime must go!”

aus “A Child’s First Book of Trump”:                                                            So what should you do with a Trump running wild? The answer is all up to you, my dear child. Run away screaming? Or maybe you fight it? Reason and logic will only incite it.

You can cover your ears or run up a tree. But the best thing to do is … turn off your TV.

For all of the Trump’s astounding uniqueness, it certainly has a curious weakness: a Trump loves to dine on hatred and violence;    it cannot endure a moment of silence.

It’s true! A Trump needs all of our noise to exist. Without chaos, it shrinks to a sad, orange disc. So should you stumble upon one in the wood, I’m not sure what you’ll do; I know what you should:  Don’t respond to its brags, its taunts or its jeers; ignoring a Trump is a Trump’s biggest fear.

But if that plan fails and it keeps coming forth, I hear there’s an absence of Trumps in the North….



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