Kirche sein

“Was bringt es jungen Leuten, Teil unserer Gemeinde zu sein?
Wofür steht unsere Gemeinde?”

Ich finde die Judson Memorial Church in NYC, Manhattan am Washington Square hat darauf sehr klare, eigenwillige, überzeugende Antworten gefunden.

Es ist herrlich unter  “FAQ about Judson” nachzulesen, wie sie dort ihr Verständnis von Kirche-Sein entfalten.


Hier einige Zitate von der Seite. Siehe www.judson-org.

“Judson takes faith seriously, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

“We also believe that what makes church a unique institution is the fact that, if we’re doing it right, it holds us accountable to a community, regularly ritualizes a reality we wish to see in the world, and is always a safe space to be our messy selves (all while pursuing justice and enjoying art).”

“Our building also provides comfortable space for groups from a wide range of faith practices to host events and services. While this has an aspect of universality, Judson asserts that this is exactly the kind of broad spiritual concern Christian practice not only calls for, but is enriched by.”

“These are profound mysteries and tough questions. We like both and don’t try to simplify the answers. Instead of defining, we discuss.”



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